Friday, March 28, 2014

Tag a Bag Boxes from Live Stream

Hello!  For those of you who didn't watch Stampin' Up!'s live stream stamping event on Wednesday night, here are some of the projects they showed that I made.  I loved the Tag a Bag items from the catalog before the live event, but afterwords, I was even more in love with what you can do with the boxes, tags, and bags!  So cute and really fun!  And I loved playing around with all the pieces.  Definitely a fun night of stamping and creating!  I also loved not having to come up with the ideas, and the prep was zero!  Such a treat for me.  And it was free to watch!  I got some really great ideas.  They showed how to cut a box down and make smaller, really cute ones, and alternate ways to use the Chevron print bags.  I loved all the ideas!  Today I'm going to show you the boxes we made, and then I'll come back and post the bags tomorrow.

 This is a smaller box that we made by cutting the box apart and altered.  The new box size measures 4 1/2''.   We cut down the acetate sleeve to fit the new size.

 This is a cute little 3'' box.  I love how small it is!  I'd love to get a cute little box like this.  I go crazy over mini things!

I love how we folded one of the blank tags over the edge of another tag.  Such a great idea, and I love the look!  I would never have thought of that!  Also, if you notice, we cut the top and bottom off of the chevron bag and slid it over the acetate sleeve, and then slid the sleeve over the top of the box.  Clever! I love these boxes.  I may have problems actually giving them away!  If you missed the live stream event, you can find it on youtube under  You will definitely learn lots of new things.  I sure did!!!  Thanks for stopping by today.  I'll see you tomorrow with the bags we made during this event.