Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY Rosette Wreath

Hello!  A friend asked me to share this project on my blog, so I will.  This is a wreath I made at none other than my friend Mayra's house.  We made this two years ago, and I still love it and still get lots of compliments on it.  Even people who aren't crafters love this wreath and want to make one.  It wasn't hard, it just took a lot of time.  This was my first experience with rosettes, and while they are time consuming, I will say they are worth the time, because they are absolutely gorgeous and just amazing!
This wreath is made up of 9 rosettes.  Some are patterned paper, some are card stock, all in matching colors.  I glued a small 3/4'' paper circle on top of each rosette, and then glued a button on top of the circle on a few of them.  Then I made a loop with ribbon to hang the wreath from, tied a bow with more ribbon, glued that to the front, stamped a christmas greeting and cut it out, and then glued that to the top front of the wreath, and I was all finished.   I love this wreath.  It's a beautiful decoration, and an even better gift!  I hope to make a few of these before this Christmas and give them to some friends.

Thanks for stopping by today, and thank you Mayra for such a beautiful project!  I'll see you all tomorrow!