Sunday, September 22, 2013

Season of Style This and That Planner

Hello.  This project is a planner that I'm doing a class on.  Stampin' Up! sells this as a planner, and I filled in the pages I would use to plan Christmas this year, and the pages I wouldn't use, I turned into scrapbook pages.  When Christmas is over, I'll turn the rest of the pages into scrapbook pages as well, and give it as a gift to someone.  The planner comes with pages already for you to fill in, with 4 calendar pages, christmas card lists, gift lists for family, friends, and neighbors, party planning pages, note pages, and inspiration pages where you can tape in ideas torn from magazines, recipe books, and more.  And it also comes with 2 cute envelopes for you to stuff little things in, as well as pockets on the inside of the front and back cover.  Here's what I've done with it.

This will definitely make my christmas much more organized, and it's all in one place!  I can keep my lists here, my calendar from now until January, receipts, coupons and anything else dealing with Christmas right here.  I carry it around with me so that I can keep track of my days, and if I have an idea while I'm out, I just jot it down in here.  So handy!  I think I need one of these for every year!!!!  Enjoy.  I'll be back tomorrow with a paper pumpkin post!  I got mine in the mail on Thursday.  Check back to see what I did with mine!