Monday, September 9, 2013

Birthday Banner

It's that time again, more birthdays!  Seems like when I finally clean up my crafting stuff and put it all away, it's time to get it all out again because someone else is having a birthday!  This banner is for one of my friends.  Happy Birthday Gretchen!  I started out with one idea in my head, but when I was finished, a completely different banner came out, but I'm totally happy with the result.  I love the rosettes, the cupcakes layered on top of the rosettes, the glitter, and the banner in general!  I hope you like it too!  I know the recipient loved it.  She called me and told me it made her day, and I'm glad.  That was the whole intent!  :)  See for yourself!

Well, I'm off to make another one or two for some friends.  I'll see you tomorrow!